True Hip Hop History 1994

We are schooling you on Hip Hop history in Miami Florida

DJ RAW, along with partners NME and OMAR ISLAM of the ZULU NATION MIAMI, introduced the annual HOODSTOCK hiphop festival and music conference held mainly at Roberto Clemente Park in Miami's Wynwood section and other locations throughout Miami.  It ran from 1994-1997.  HOODSTOCK offered aspiring young talent an opportunity to perform in front of crowds upwards of 10,000 fans.  HOODSTOCK aimed to educate the youth about the music business as well as the culture of HipHop with their motto -"HIPHOP FOR WORLD PEACE".  Many of Miami's successful hiphop artists and dj's are proud to have paid some of their early dues on the HOODSTOCK stage.  DJ RAW also owned the underground pirate station 91.7 FM WJHH-We're Just HipHop.  It operated outside of his North Dade home from a graffitti pieced converted school bus affectionately known as NEW SCHOOL.  His station managed to have a high number of devoted listeners.  In August 1997, the Miami Herald printed a story on pirate radio stations in South Florida and DJ RAW was one of the first to be interviewed on the subject.  Upon his arrest and conviction, Raul Medina has been focusing on rebuilding his inner strength.  His road to success has not been easy but it hasn't stopped him from promoting advancements in his life.  He has participated in the Frederica Wilson 5,000 Role Model Program for children who have run astray from the law.  Medina structured an HIV Prevention Program at Sumter Correctional Facility in Bushnell, Florida.  As the programs Peer Facilitator he worked to educate a class of up to 125 students on HIV Prevention and assisted them in preparing for the G.E.D. test.  He also acquired seven Health Department Certifications.  Raul Medina has written and directed a series of plays on HIV Prevention.  He has also written a book called DJ RAW, THE RISE AND FALL OF A  LEGEND IN THE HOOD.  This autobiography is filled with moving stories about his experiences in life.  He is currently fielding offers for a publishing deal.  Medina will also be looking further into fascilitating an outreach program in the local community.  Continually embracing his love for hiphop, DJ RAW has also written enough lyrics to encompass many albums.  He is looking forward to getting into the studio to lay down tracks for his two forthcoming projects entitled STATE RAISED/CRIADO POR EL ESTADO and EOS-END OF SENTENCE.  These projects will combine his powerful lyrics with new flavor from producers like OMAR ISLAM aka SUN-ZULU, NME and many others, as well as feature several musical artists.  His tracks will take old school grooves and flip them with a multilingual dose of Latin Crunk, Hiphop, Reggaeton, Salsa, and RnB.  Also in production is a documentary on DJ RAW and HOOSTOCK spearheaded by OMAR ISLAM tentatively titled HOODSTOCK-FROM BAGS TO BLING.  DJ RAW and his crew also plan to bring back the HOODSTOCK CONFERENCE on a small scale in 2006 and again in 2007.  Upon his release, Raul Medina looks forward to his future educational endeavors by obtaining a degree in Psychology.  With the realization that we are all responsible for educating others and knowing that making a difference in a person's life is always in our reach, he visualizes a constructive movement in place.  Along with optimistic affirmations and his experience's in life, he would like to encourage the youth in becoming role models for other youths to follow.

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